Self-Paced Private Equity Training

The Certified Private Equity Professional (CPEP) Program is a private equity training and certification program that may be completed by private equity and investment industry professionals.

Private Equity Training ProgramBy completing the CPEP Program you will get:

  • 100% online private equity training on investment strategies, terms, trends, and best practices using our study guide, video resources, and career guide
  • An improved resume, added credibility, and a private equity knowledge base
  • Free career coaching, resume feedback and a proven Private Equity Resume Template)

This private equity certification program was developed by the 55,000 member Private Equity Investment Group.  This program is specifically designed for those professionals who work in the private equity industry, or have investment industry and finance experience and would like to further develop their professional skills in the area of private equity.

Potential participants in the Certified Private Equity Professional Designation include analysts, due diligence professionals, private equity fund managers, lawyers, accountants, recruiters and marketing/sales professionals

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Note: The Certified Private Equity Professional (CPEP) designation is now hosted on our platform. To learn about completing this program please visit: