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Required Reading

1.Private Equity as an Asset Class by Guy Fraser-Sampson ISBN: 978-0470066454





2.Private Equity: History, Governance, and Operations by Harry Cendrowski, ISBN: 978- 0470178461

3.Inside Private Equity: The Professional Investor’s Handbook by James M. Kocis, James C. Bachman IV, Austin M. Long III, & Craig J. Nickels, ISBN: 978-0470421895

4.The Private Equity Edge by Arthur B. Laffer ISBN: 978-0071590785

These books can be purchased from, Barnes & Noble, or your local book store. They are also available in most public libraries.

If you have not already please download the CPEP study guide and syllabus through the links below.

CPEP Study Guide (PDF)

CPEP Syllabus (PDF) 

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